« When people looks at my work, I want them to observes it well »: SATER, the fight and the dream

By Michel Fily, April 8, 2019


SATER, is a Spanish artist, who began his career with studies in digital graphics and 3D design. He has been practicing urban art since adolescence, at the same time as drawing and painting.

Urban Street Art Urbain met this Street Artist from Barcelona at Street Art City‘s “Millésime 2018” party. His artistic style oscillates between the graphic universe of mangas, cinema, tags and Pop-Art, both light and committed.


Hello, can you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Sater, I’m 32 years old and I come from Barcelona. I always liked drawing and I really started graffiti in 2002, at the age of 15. I had never imagined making a living out of my art, until three years ago, when I decided to leave my job and to devote myself to painting. Today, I can say that yes, one can make a living with his art.


What triggered your artistic career?

My father is a painter, I grew up surrounded by art and, since I was a child, I always liked to draw. When I went out into the street, I looked at all the painted walls. I believe that all children are painters. They paint and draw without being conditioned by fashions or influences. They deliver through their drawings the true essence of art. So, I think the appropriate question for anyone who is not an artist would be: « What led you to stop painting? « .


What are your inspirations and influences?

I love to watch the works of other artists. I see them in the street, on walls, on social networks … But I won’t name a particular artist… I can say that my influences are graffiti and illustration. Regarding my inspirations, travelling feeds my imagination, constantly bringing new ideas.


What are your techniques and creative media?

Since I started graffiti, I only use aerosols on walls. Beside the walls, I paint with oil, watercolor, charcoal… I also created clay sculptures. Today, I try to broaden my horizons and explore new techniques, taking advantage of the knowledge I have gained.


Tell us about your meeting with Street Art City.

Street art city was an unforgettable experience. I don’t think there are many places like this one, but there should be more, everywhere in France and in the world. Street art city is a great opportunity for artists. Its artistic residency system is fantastic, the venue and facilities are great and the people especially are great. One day, I saw an advertising brochure for Street art City and I decided to send an email. They answered me and within four or five months, I was invited to work there.


How was your experience in the hotel room 128?

My room, number 058, was a big challenge for me. During the first days, I couldn’t do anything more than to look at the walls of the room around me. They were falling on me. It cost me a lot in terms of introspection and I had a hard time letting the inspiration flow out of me. But from the moment I started, I did not stop painting. I was impatient to see the result, because every day that passed, I loved more and more what I created. I woke up in the morning, I had a short breakfast and I went straight to my room, some days until dinner time. I have never had a spiritual retreat, but I guess it would be something quite similar. Several days locked in a room, alone, to create. The room, my art and me. It was just perfect…


Tell us about your relationship with the public.

At the time when I was painting in the street, hardly anyone came to talk to me. During the two days of the “Millésime” party, many people wanted to meet me and talk to me. I was very grateful for this audience and for the way they approached me. There was a lot of mutual respect and I remember that I really liked seeing the interest that people had in our art and in us as individuals.


What would you like to convey to the public who meet your works?

It is true that, with his art, one is supposed to transmit a message to the people … But, I think that, each work being different and having been made at different times, each releases different energies. What is certain is that I always try to create a feeling in the viewer. I like that when someone looks at one of my works, he observes it well and feels questioned.


Is it easier to be a Street Artist than to be a painter, according to you?

It’s a delicate subject. And it’s not a question of difficulty. Street art has lost its original meaning and we must remember from time to time what it is all about. The essence of graffiti is that it is practiced in illegality or at its limit. But what happens when a Street Art work enters a museum, when its price is imposed? It stops being Street Art, to become art, in the commercial sense of the term. It does not matter if the work is bombed or done with any other technique. When I paint with spray for a client, I would never say that I’m doing Street Art… I can see that in recent years, Street Art has become fashionable. And I think it’s something positive for us. I think it’s great that after so many years of rejection and mistrust, people open up a little and see the beauty of this great new form of art.


Tell us about your current artistic activities and your future projects?

I’m actually working with acrylic paint and spray on canvases. I would like to prepare a nice serie of paintings for 2020. I combine this with spraying on walls and large surfaces. I also started doing lettering and posters … If I had more time, I would also do sculptures, it’s something that I’ve always loved…


What do you think about your success and what are you dreams today?

When I started to make a living out of my art, I realized my dream. But ambition is coming back to me and today I want more, I want to leave a mark. I would dream of creating a unique style, which would become a source of inspiration for the future generations. In the meantime, I would like to paint large murals and to color the world…



Designs, murals & lettering

Barcelona, (Spain)



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